Charlie Foxtrot

JURIST - Jones: The Charlie Foxtrot at Guantanamo: "There is a phrase military people use to convey the fact that something is just totally screwed up. That phrase is “Charlie Foxtrot” and it has nothing whatsoever to do with ballroom dance. Expressing its exact etymology while maintaining proper decorum is difficult, but here is a good explanation. Charlie Foxtrot is the long version of the initials “C.F.” The “C” stands for the word “Cluster”, while the “F” stands for . . . well, the F stands for the F word."


Yahoo! Avatars

Yahoo! Avatars onto your desktop via a Yahoo Widget.


Seems like there should be widgets to put the avatar anywheres, but, this is a start.

Looks like you can give other Avatars Makeovers, too.


Facebook Fatigue

Facebook: "the latest flurry of trendy and “me too” 2.0 applications. Surprisingly it is also the catalyst for Social Network Overload (SNO) or Fatigue (SNF) amongst those within the echo chamber, with some going so far as declaring Facebook Bankruptcy."

SNO is certainly catchier, as in SNOooo ...

Surprised that someone hasn't run with "Facecrime".

Going.com Lands $5 million

Going.com Lands $5 million: "Event based social network Going.com has taken an additional $5 million in funding, in a round led by the sites original investors General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners."

Socialize and Buy Event Tickets: "promoters that would like to push an event and sell tickets at the same time can do so on Going. It takes Going in the direction of becoming a one-stop shop, for promoters and end users."

All that, and a Facebook App too!

Eh, There's no there there. Few events. Horrible navigation. Poor search. I log in every few weeks pulled via the facebook app to update the feed. I can't see them making a go of it.

Ashnod @ Going